Terms and conditions of use

The following terms apply to Sandas / ReFurMe and its customers in trade on the internet. Refurme sell products to individuals and to businesses and organizations in Finland and the rest of Europe.

1. Registration and ordering

To enable ordering a costumer should register when placing an order the first time.  A registration requires the costumer to list name and other necessary details. The costumer is also required to allow registration of her/his data in the companies costumer register. Refurme applies confidentiality roles when managing the costumer data. Refurme commits to keep the costumer data within the company and not share the information with others.

The communication between the parties is conducted mainly by e-mail or regular mail . The costumer should check if his/hers e-mail is correct when the order confirmation is received. A binding purchase agreement is validated  when refurme sends an order confirmation by e-mail to the costumer. The costumer can cancel the order completely or partially by e-mail, phone or mail before delivery. As a delivery is considered when a part of the order or a message to collect the delivery in the post office is sent to the costumer.

Costumers under the age of 18 should enter their legal guardian in the message-field. The costumer is responsible for the accuracy of the his/her information. The costumer commits to these purchasing conditions every time an order is made.

Refurme's responsibility regarding availability of products is limited to granting the customer the right to cancel the order and refund paid money. All products are sold as is. The customer should study the product descriptions and range on ReFurMe's website. The customer has a right to return a delivery within 14 days according to ReFurMe's return policy.

2. Delivery options 

Delivery options are either Itella or Matkahuolto due to package size . Costumer chooses the shipping method during ordering and the products will be delivered either home or to the nearest post office in accordance with the terms of delivery.

3. Methods of payment


Products and their postage are paid at the same time as the order.


We are accepting PayPal as a means of payment.


4. Delivery time

The order will be delivered usually within 1 week. If an order, can not be delivered on time, due to inventory situation or other reason, ReFurMe will contact the customer to explain the situation.

5. Cost of shipping

The cost of shipping is the cost shown on the order confirmation. If the products are delivered in several shipments, the customer will pay only one fee.

6. Price

All prices are valid until further notice. If the product pricing has an obvious error or for any other reason there are errors, ReFurMe reserves the right not to deliver orders at that price. In cases where the customer has ordered a mispriced product ReFurMe takes contact with the client to clarify the situation. All prices include 24% VAT. The customer will receive a detailed VAT specification when ordering. Shipping fees are added to the order.

7. Ownership

The products remain in ReFurMe's possession until paid in full.

8. Product information

ReFurMe strive to keep product information up to date but is not responsible for its accuracy. ReFurMe reserves the right to change product information without a special notice.

9. Money back guarantee

The consumer has a 14 days money back guarantee on the products. The returned products should be packed carefully. The returned product should be unused and in original packaging. A copy of the order confirmation and contact details shall be sent along with the returned products. Returned products should be delivered to ReFurMe by mail. After the product's arrival and examination, ReFurMe will return the price of the product to the customers bank account. If there are uncertainties associated with the return, please contact the helpdesk at ReFurMe to clarify the situation.

10. Warranty

For warranty returns, ReFurMe's marketing department should be contacted and the problem should be clarified prior to returning a product. The returned products should be confirmed by a copy of your receipt, the customer contact information and a description of the error. The description should contain information on when the defect has emerged and how the defect was discovered. Warranty returned products should be packed with care. Carelessly packed or in the transport damaged products will not be repaired or credited. The warranty does not apply errors that have emerged besauce of abuse or negligence. ReFurMe charge of unjustified warranty returns € 30 plus € 30 for each hour of work cause by the warranty case. In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the customer should notify ReFurMe about the defect within a reasonable time after discovering the defect, or should have discovered the defect.

11. Defects

Detected defects should be reported to our sales department immediately to the email address sales@refurme.com or by mail to Sandas / ReFurMe.com, Kotimäentie 21B, 65 230 VASA. Defective deliveries are returned in accordance with ReFurMe's instructions.

12. Unfounded orders

Unfounded orders and orders with the intent to disrupt the deliveries will be  reported to the police.

13. Defects caused by transportation

Despite careful packing occasionally a postal item is damaged. When fetching the package, please examine its condition in the attendance of an employee at the postal office. If this package is damaged during shipment and also the ordered product / products is damaged, a claim  should  be made directly at the post office. Contact our sales department to agree on a delivery of new product.

14. Force Majeure

ReFurMe is not responsible for a delivery that is prevented, hindered or delayed because of one for ReFurMe insuperable cause, such as war, natural disasters, export or import bans, government decisions, public service disruptions or other, similar to ReFurMe's activities unfavorable or prevention event.

15. Disagreements

Disputes and disagreements related to this agreement will be tried in accordance with Finnish law.